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  4. I design clothes because I don’t want women to look all innocent and naïve…I want woman to look stronger…I don’t like women to be taken advantage of…I don’t like men whistling at women in the street. I think they deserve more respect. I like men to keep their distance from women, I like men to be stunned by an entrance. I’ve seen a woman get nearly beaten to death by her husband. I know what misogyny is … I want people to be afraid of the women I dress
    — Alexander McQueen 

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  6. I must have flowers, always, and always.
    — Claude Monet 

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  7. On Tuesday, a bonsai tree boldly went where no bonsai tree has gone before.

    Azuma Makoto, a 38-year-old artist based in Tokyo, launched two botanical arrangements into orbit: “Shiki 1,” a Japanese white pine bonsai tree suspended from a metal frame, and an untitled arrangement of orchids, lilies, hydrangeas, and irises.

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  8. Rain Installation - Florence, Italy 2005


Allahu Akbar

    Allahu Akbar


  10. Mummified heart of a suspected vampire

    Mummified heart of a suspected vampire